Why are people so into Lego architecture?

In the past year, the Lego Group has been known for its bricks, which have been used in a variety of creative ways.

One such project, “Bricks in Motion,” used bricks to create a live action film set that was later used to create the Lego movie set “The Lego Movie.”

Now, it seems the Lego brand has found a new way to bring creativity to the Lego architecture community.

The company announced today that it has launched a Lego Architecture Magazine and a Lego Art Magazine.

The Lego Architecture and Architecture magazines will feature a mix of architecture related content, as well as interviews with top architects and architecture professionals.

The magazines will be distributed exclusively on the Lego website.

In addition, a new app will allow Lego members to create their own Lego-inspired projects and videos.

The new Lego Art magazine, created by a team of architects from across the globe, will offer a mix in architectural and Lego projects.

The app will be available on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Google Play.

Both magazines are available now on the LEGO website.

The project also has a “new approach” to its design elements, which it calls “bricks as an accessory.”

This is meant to appeal to people who want to make their own custom Lego projects, but who aren’t as experienced in the use of Lego.

As a result, the magazine will feature new tutorials and tutorials for members to follow, as part of the “new LEGO approach” that includes using Lego bricks to build projects with a range of materials and materials-based design elements.

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