When the NFL says ‘architecture’, they mean it

The NFL is looking for an architect for its new stadium in Kansas City, but the league says they’re also looking for “architects who are interested in building beautiful, contemporary buildings that represent the best of American architecture.”

That’s right, architecture is now a real thing in the NFL.

The league has been looking to fill a new stadium with the help of architects for years.

The process of acquiring and designing a new building is known as an acquisition, and in this case, the NFL is using a variety of creative, technically challenging methods to get the ball rolling.

The NFL has been able to make some significant progress in the last few years thanks to a number of factors, including the help from an array of state and local governments, the backing of big-name corporations like Google and other companies, and, of course, the help and investment of local artists and other local builders.

In 2017, the league had about $150 million in capital expenditures and had just announced plans to construct a $1 billion stadium in Baltimore.

But it’s not just big companies who are putting up money to help build stadiums.

Major league baseball is also investing in new stadiums and other infrastructure projects that will help to support the league’s expanding game days, and there’s also been some good news for the NFL this year.

According to NFL officials, the total cost of the construction of the new stadium is projected to be $1.9 billion, a little more than half of the original estimate.

But there’s more to the story, and the fact that the NFL’s capital expenditure and financing has risen substantially in the past few years means it’s getting a much better return on its investment.

According to the league, the new facility will feature an indoor practice facility and practice field, as well as a retractable roof, artificial turf and indoor and outdoor grass.

There will also be an open-air football practice field with six-yard lines for fans to practice on and the possibility of the stadium being used for other events like concerts, other sports events and other sporting events.

There’s also a $750 million stadium upgrade the NFL has committed to for 2021, which includes upgrading the football field and training facilities.

The stadium is expected to be completed by the end of 2021, and construction is set to begin in 2021.

The total cost is expected be around $1,350 million.

And the league has also committed $1 million to renovate the stadium, according to a league spokesman.

According the NFL, the building will be constructed using prefabricated materials, with the majority of the cost of construction going to a contractor.

The building will include the following features:The design will be completed and the stadium will be ready to be used by the 2021 season, the statement says.

The site will also host a high-tech stadium that will allow for high-definition video boards to be installed and high-performance video displays to be put on the concourse.

The stadium will also include the ability to house the teams’ entire football operations staff, including field managers, assistant coaches, field technicians and a number other professional staff members.

It will also have a locker room, a training facility, a banquet room and a practice facility.

In addition, there will be additional amenities for fans.

The existing facility will be upgraded to include two suites, a conference room, an office and an open space area.

The addition of these facilities will be part of the upgrade.

The plan for the stadium includes a number unique features.

The first, and most visible of these is the retractable dome, which will be used for both practice and game purposes.

This will allow fans to sit and watch from their seats.

It’s also going to be a major attraction for the new football field, which is expected in 2020 and will be larger than that of the existing stadium.

It’ll also feature a retractible roof, which the NFL hopes will make it easier for fans and visitors to get to the field during game times.

There will also also be a retractables bowl, which has been used in the old New York Giants stadium, and an additional scoreboard.

The new scoreboard will be a scoreboard and hologram scoreboard, as it will display a video of the game on a digital screen.

There’s also an additional, smaller scoreboard, which may also be used during game days.

According a league source, the facility is also going be able to house a variety or entertainment venues, including a rooftop bar, video game room, restaurant, bar, bar and lounge, and even a bar with a projector and projector screens.

The facilities that will be built around the stadium are expected to have seating for up to 60,000 people, and they will be open seven days a week.

The stadiums seating capacity will be reduced to around 15,000 when it’s renovated, according the NFL statement.

The facility will also feature indoor running track and indoor basketball courts.

The league will also add a

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