When architects and engineers get their own memes

The Internet is full of memes, and the architects and engineering departments at some of the world’s biggest companies are embracing the Internet’s popularity with memes.

From the New York-based architecture firm, Architarchitects, which makes the iconic New York City building at 432 Park Avenue, to the Italian design studio, Architekturismi, and even some of Hollywood’s most famous films and TV shows, these companies have all adopted the same meme-making style.

Now it seems that this meme-sharing culture is expanding beyond architecture.

The rise of memes has been an ongoing story since the dawn of the Internet, but it started with the 2008-09 financial crisis.

The recession left many companies with big debts and, at least at first, there were few ways to make money from their work.

One such firm, American Institute of Architects (AIA), started posting its own memes.

The AIA website features the company’s memes from 2009 and 2010, and its Twitter feed shows that the company has a dedicated fan base of 1.4 million users.

But that meme-centric approach didn’t sit well with some of AIA’s users.

In the years since, the AIA Twitter feed has become a magnet for angry reactions to the company, and now it’s trying to do something about it.

AIA has started a meme-focused project called Architaurum, which it is calling the “architecturally driven meme-economy.”

The aim is to create a platform where people can find, share, and create memes in an effort to help the architecture profession as a whole better understand and understand the nature of memes.

It’s a big idea that the firm hopes will help the profession understand the role that memes play in today’s society.

Architaurums first mission statement is a simple one: to “develop an architecture profession that understands and values the role memes play.”

In an effort that mirrors a similar project being developed at AIA by the London-based Architecture and Design Museum, the aim of Architurum is to “create a platform for people to find, post, and share their work on the architecture subreddit, the architarchaeum subreddit, and other memes-centric subreddits.”

The project’s Facebook page already has over 1,400 likes.

The Architarchy project has an aim of creating a platform that people can create their own architectural memes on.

It will also aim to use these memes to help educate and inform people about the art form of architecture.

“The goal is to have the architecture community understand the different kinds of memes,” explains architect and AIA spokesperson, Alex Ziegler.

“To be able to understand the importance of each type of meme in understanding the architectural work.”

According to Ziegle, the meme economy will not just help the architects create their memes, but also help them better understand the work of others.

“We hope to have these types of memes in the public domain,” he adds.

Architects are a big part of the architectural world, and so it makes sense that their work is well-known.

“Architecture is a huge, complex profession and there’s an understanding that all of us share a lot of knowledge,” says Zieglers partner, Richard Kohn, “and we’re not all going to be a perfect expert, but we all have something to offer.”

Ziegler believes that memes are a way for architects to “understand their work better,” and so he hopes that the meme-centered architecture profession will begin to understand what is going on with its work.

“I’m hoping that people will start to learn a little bit more about architecture and the art of building, and be more creative,” he says.

Architekturgismi’s Architurgum has been around since 2009 and has grown into one of the largest memes-driven online communities.

The firm’s Twitter feed, which now has over 7,000 followers, includes the company\’s own memes, as well as other works of art.

Architracturums website also features a large archive of posts about Architaturs work, as does its website.

In its most recent post, Archituurum announced the launch of a new subreddit, ArchITurum, and it is also hosting a contest on its Facebook page.

“This is a really exciting way for us to reach out to people who aren’t necessarily fans of architecture,” Ziegles partner, Kohn says.

“It’s an opportunity for us as an architecture industry to reach the general public and show our work.”

Architurums new meme-driven project aims to encourage more artists to contribute their work to the subreddit.

“When you create a new project, you’re building a platform to get feedback from other people,” Zigler explains.

“So, the more we see people share their own work, the better.

And it makes the architecture

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