What’s next for architecture firms?

In the coming years, architecture firms will be forced to make a major choice.

How will they adapt to an increasingly complex digital landscape?

How will their clients respond to their work?

Do they need to be more ambitious and creative, or less?

How do they get out of their comfort zones?

This is the challenge faced by many American architecture firms.

But what happens when the landscape shifts?

Will we see a new era of architecture that is more ambitious, more daring and more innovative than ever before?

As the architects at the world’s leading architecture firms have said repeatedly, it will be up to us to design a new architecture that reflects the needs of the 21st century.

As we begin this new era, we want to understand what will it take to achieve that.

The question we are grappling with today is not so much what the next architecture will look like, but how it will evolve.

Architecture in the 21-Century As we speak, the architecture profession in the United States is undergoing a major shift, one that will impact the way architecture firms and the nation are run.

The American Architectural Association (ABA) has recently released its first report on the state of architecture.

The ABA says that “in the 21 years since the U.S. Congress created the ABA, there has been a dramatic and sustained change in the way architectural firms and architectural practices operate.”

It notes that while there have been changes in practice, architecture has largely stayed the same, and that this “continuation has been accompanied by a substantial increase in the number of firms, the number and complexity of projects, and the quality of the architecture and design process.”

The report also notes that “the number of new firms is currently about one third of the total number of existing firms.”

The rise of new technology, in other words, has had a profound effect on how firms are able to do business.

But perhaps more significant than the impact of the new technology on the way architects work, the AABA says, is that this is the “first time in history” that architecture firms are being challenged to be innovative in their work.

“There has never been a more urgent need for architectural firms to change,” says Andrew Stoll, the president and CEO of the AFA.

He says that the new technologies are “changing the way we think about the world around us, about how we design buildings, how we develop buildings, and about the way buildings are built and managed.”

In an interview with the New York Times, Stoll described the new architecture of the future as a “new form of urbanism” and a “computational architecture” that will “create a more open, interactive, collaborative world.”

“This is a new form of architecture,” he said.

“It is about being more responsive to what is happening in the world, more responsive, more collaborative, more adaptive to what’s happening in every other sector.”

The AFA’s Stoll says that architectural firms are increasingly being asked to adapt to this new environment by looking to their clients.

“They are asking us to think about what we want the architecture to be in a future that we can see in a decade or more,” he says.

“So they are asking the architecture firms to think in terms of what they will need to make changes to their architectural practices in the next decade.”

In the past, the way a firm built a building was very much tied to the client’s needs and expectations.

The architect needed to know what the client wanted the structure to look like and how the building would function.

If the architect wanted to build a structure that could accommodate the weight of the city, for instance, he would need to know the shape of the building and the number that would be needed to accommodate that.

Today, however, architects are increasingly looking to build structures that meet their clients’ needs in ways that are much more interactive.

The way it is built is different in different countries, different cities, different countries. “

This means, if you look at the modern office building, there is a lot of variation in how it looks in different parts of the world.

The way it is built is different in different countries, different cities, different countries.

You have to figure out how you can put the best elements of it into different places and have it work well there.”

The way architecture is designed today is much more open and flexible.

For instance, a typical office building today might be designed to be a mix of contemporary and traditional elements.

Today’s office architecture is also highly interactive.

“Modern design has a lot more in common with modern-day design than it did 50 years ago,” Stoll said.

He noted that this openness and flexibility is “not just the result of the digital age.

It’s also because of the Internet, where architects and engineers can collaborate more easily.”

The future of architecture in the coming

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