What is architecture?

A new architecture degree from the architecture firm Landscape Architecture Degrees (LAD) is a must for any aspiring architecture graduate.

“Architecture is about the way that people live and work together, how people relate to their surroundings, and how people think about how they can make their environment better,” said LAD founder and CEO Ian Leppert.

“I think this is a great way for architecture graduates to get an understanding of the principles and techniques that underpin the architecture profession.”

Landscape Architecture Degree Program HighlightsThe program’s curriculum includes a year of study and an intensive design project.

“We take a really deep look at what a design project should look like, what a typical home should look and feel like,” said Leppet.

“It’s a big leap from designing a building, to designing an office building and designing a house, and then building the actual building.”

So, we go through that process from a very architectural point of view, from what it should look, to what it actually looks like.””

We want to provide a very clear path for the students to get a solid understanding of what we think is important in architecture, and why we think it’s important, and where we think that needs to go in the future.

“The Landscape architecture program also provides students with a grounding in design principles, and the importance of designing for the environment.”

The way architects think about the environment, the way they think about their buildings, and our practice of architecture, is the reason why we do it,” said Mr Leppart.”

There are lots of design principles that we’ve tried to apply across our practice that have helped shape the way we think about architecture, whether it be for residential buildings, commercial buildings, or mixed use.

“If we think of architecture as a system, then we want to be able to apply those principles to every part of our design, and make sure that we’re making decisions in the best interest of our customers.”

The program is a joint effort between the Australian National University and the National University of Singapore.

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