What does a $200 million, 7,000-square-foot, luxury apartment look like?

In a stunningly elegant building in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood, architects and architects-in-residence at the New School’s Graduate School of Design have recreated the design of an apartment for a wealthy couple with no kids.

A grand piano and a collection of sculptures and architectural plans were used to create a modern, elegant, and highly visible home that’s also highly affordable.

(See more from the designers at New School Design.)

“The goal of the home is to create an inviting and inviting space,” said the architects, whose project is titled “The Home of the Billionaires.”

“It is the home of the super-wealthy.”

The project is an ambitious undertaking that has inspired many architects to explore the use of new technology to create high-end residential environments.

But the architects hope to have a larger impact on the design process and affordability of new housing by allowing the public to walk through the home in real time.

“A lot of architects are not using technology in their designs, because they’re afraid of the cost and they don’t want to risk it,” said Michael Mazzarella, an associate professor at New York University’s Graduate Center who has written extensively on the intersection of architecture and technology.

“We want to be able to make the house look beautiful and affordable, but without having to worry about it.”

The architects used the home’s massive amount of glass to create intricate glass walls and a large ceiling.

They also used a large number of metal elements to create the ceiling’s intricate shape.

A huge bronze sculpture of a whale was also incorporated in the home, which was designed to look like it was floating in the sky.

The home also had the opportunity to use glass and metal to create windows that could be opened and closed by moving a set of stairs.

The architects hope that their new home will inspire more architects to think critically about design.

“There is a lot of fear around technology, but it can be a powerful tool for making a building more appealing,” said architect and design director Andrea Della Vedova.

“There’s also a sense that if you look at this building, you have a home that is really beautiful, that has a nice view, and it’s very clean.

If you’re not careful, you can do something wrong.”

The project is part of a broader project called “Home of the Billionaires” which also includes a new residence for the family of wealthy New York City resident Stephen K. Bannon.

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