What do you mean by “architecturally?”

Chicago’s skyline is built by architects with a degree in architecture.

The city’s downtown skyline was created by a team of architects, most of them from Chicago’s surrounding suburbs, including the city’s two major suburbs: the North Shore and West Side.

But now, a new generation of architects is entering the field.

Here are some examples of how they are building new structures in Chicago’s downtown:Architectural buildings like the new $250 million Chicago Museum of Science, Architecture and Engineering and its sister institution the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NNAAHC), and the new Chicago Performing Arts Center are being designed by Chicago architects.

The NNAAHC was launched last year with the help of the National Capital Planning Council, a federal government agency that helps build urban and regional policies.

The center’s main goal is to develop a unified vision for urban renewal.

NNAC has created a new urban design curriculum that combines architectural design with urban planning and policy.

Architects like David Zinn, who designed the iconic Chicago Transit Authority’s iconic Blue Line light rail line in the 1990s, and Thomas J. Garvin, a Chicago native who also designed the original Metra station, are also contributing to the new architecture of the transit system.

The two-story, glass-enclosed subway station at the northwest corner of University and Michigan streets has a distinctive design, inspired by Japanese architectural traditions.

It is a sign of a changing urban landscape, and an illustration of how a growing number of young architects are putting a creative spin on what Chicago has become, said Michael M. Ryan, an architect and professor at the University of Chicago who teaches urban design and urban planning.

He said the emergence of new architects and urban planners like Zinn and Garvin has been driven by the need for better access to public spaces and infrastructure.

Ryan said he and his students are learning from the past and adapting the city they are teaching.

The architects have created spaces for young professionals to live and work in, he said.

Ryan said he has been impressed by how the new designers have built their buildings from the ground up.

“I think that they have put a lot of thought into how they want to build the building and how it looks, and that’s really an important thing to do,” he said, adding that the NNADAHC will have a lot to say about its design, including whether to use it for public use or private residences.

One of the new architects’ most notable projects is the newly opened Millennium Park, an outdoor sculpture garden in downtown Chicago.

It is the first of its kind in the United States and will be open through next spring, but it is the biggest of the six planned art spaces that were announced last year by the city.

The park is intended to be a gathering place for the city, Ryan said.

The parks are also the focus of a plan to expand public transit, with plans to extend the existing Green Line light-rail system from Chicago to Logan International Airport.

The plan was announced in January by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and includes an expansion of the Red Line, which runs from the South Side to Logan, and the Purple Line, a light-and-sidewalk streetcar that runs from Logan to the suburbs.

The new Green Line extension will have about 300 stations.

The city’s new $2 billion Green Line is the second light-transit system under construction in the South and will run between Logan International and the University District.

It will run from Wicker Park to Lakeview, and from Lakeview to the Near North Side.

The second phase will include the Purple and Green Lines.

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