What do the ‘bricks’ and ‘rocks’ in Chicago’s new architecture look like?

Architects are working on a new “cascade-like” design for Chicago’s skyline, a building that will feature “bricks, boulders and other building elements that will sit on top of each other to form a landscape.”

The design, called “The City of Bridges,” is being built by architect and landscape architect, James A. Wicker.

It will be part of the city’s plan to revitalize the historic Chicago Riverfront area, which includes the Chicago Riverwalk and Lake Michigan.

According to the city, the new design “will reflect the historic riverfront landscape and the character of the Riverwalk.”

The “brick-like nature” of the design will also make it “easy to move around and explore,” according to a press release.

The architecture, which is currently being completed, will be on display for the public from May 20-27, 2020.

The city plans to use the design for a series of public art projects, including a new sculpture and an outdoor mural on the riverfront.

Chicagoans have already been given a preview of the new architecture by a developer.

“The City’s vision for The City of Bricks is a new approach to urban planning that combines the elements of the City of Chicago’s existing architecture, design and public art programs,” the press release states.

“It is the result of the collaboration between the Chicago Public Art Commission and James A Wicker, who is a Chicago-based landscape architect and urban designer.

The City’s design is a unique combination of elements that include the architectural style of The City, the riverwalk and historic buildings.”

The City has been working on the design, which will be displayed for the first time at a public forum on May 27.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has already expressed interest in the design and said he would like to see it featured in Chicago.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Chicagoans to get a first look at our city’s new design,” Emanuel said in a statement.

“We are excited about this project and want to continue to work together with James to make this vision a reality.”

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