“We have a way to do this!” says ‘Star Wars’ actor on the ‘Star War’ reboot: We can’t let the franchise die

Posted September 16, 2018 07:17:40A new Star Wars reboot is already in development, and director Rian Johnson is ready to show the fans what the new universe will look like.

The new Star War film will be the first movie to be directed by Johnson, who helmed the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published on Friday that there is a lot of work ahead to make the film work.

Johnson also explained that he wanted the new film to have more of a “Star Wars” feel, and he wanted to include a “third act” for the audience.

While the new Star Empire will be headed by Darth Vader, the new Empire will feature a “strong” male lead, Johnson said.

He also said he wanted some kind of “dark” or “darker” tone to the new world.

The filmmaker explained that the characters in the new movie will be “dark.”

Johnson said the new films version of “C-3PO” will be a “very, very strong, intelligent character.”

“In the original film, C-3P’s name was called ‘Darth Vader,’ and we changed his name to C-4PO in the second film,” he said.

“The new film will have a very strong male lead.

There will be some very, very dark, and sometimes very dark characters.”

As for the other new characters in “Star War,” Johnson said they’ll be “not only strong but powerful.”

The filmmaker also mentioned the new characters who will be played by actors who “don’t look like the original characters,” like Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron.

The director explained that his favorite actor in the “Star Empire” is Finn, who “is not like a character you think of as a ‘Star’ character.”

There will be more new characters as well, he said, including the “strongest man in the galaxy” in the form of Kylo Ren.

In addition to the cast and characters, Johnson revealed that “StarWars: The Last Jedi” will introduce a new species of droids, which “will be stronger and more dangerous.”

He also revealed that there will be an all-new droid species called “Yoda.”

And there will also be “a lot more exciting things to come,” the director said.

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