We Built the New Modern Architecture Home, but You’re Still Wondering How It Works

A new article from Fortune.com suggests that a large number of Americans are still unsure of how the Modern Architecture industry works.

According to the article, Modern architecture is “a relatively new field, but it has been a hotbed of interest and innovation in the design and building industries.”

The article suggests that there is a misconception that Modern architecture can be done by someone with an engineering background, and that there are still many “unrecognized” designers and architects working in the field.

The article notes that Modern architects and builders have “been underrepresented in recent years.”

The piece points to the fact that Modern construction has seen a steep drop in the number of openings over the past few years, with the number “just barely” reaching the number that it did in 2011.

Modern construction companies “may not always be able to attract the best candidates, but they do a good job of making sure that candidates have the skills to succeed,” the article reads.

The story also notes that, while there are some “legitimate concerns” about the quality of Modern architecture, “there is no evidence that there has been any systematic effort to undermine the quality or professionalism of Modern architects.”

However, the article does note that “there has been significant work to address the issue” of architectural discrimination, with an increase in the “ability of qualified architects to apply for work.”

The story points to a number of organizations and companies, including the National Architectural Association and the American Institute of Architects, as well as various government agencies, as “important sources of information about Modern Architectural work.”

However the article notes “this is a very limited view of the Modern architecture industry, and more information is needed to better understand its diversity and the challenges it faces.”

The publication suggests that “people interested in Modern Architecture should think about the issues of inclusion and representation in their profession, and make sure that they are aware of and concerned about the diversity of Modern design and the ways in which it has changed over the years.”

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