The Spanish architect who made Miami look like it was built on the back of a dead horse

The Spanish architecture giant, the architect Carlos Teodoro Pérez, built his home on the ruins of a Roman fortress, in what is now central Spain.

But the project has been controversial, as the site was once a Roman military fortress and was occupied by the Romans until the 14th century.

Teodoroz Pérez, who died in 2003, built the house in order to preserve it for future generations, and to protect it from vandalism.

It’s the work of the architect Santiago Calatrava.

A year after the construction began, the building was vandalised with graffiti that included the phrase “You’re a fascist, a fascist!” and “You are a fascist”.

The graffiti also read: “I built this house for the people.

Now they are killing us.”

Péres wife, Maria Fernanda, says that the house is a symbol of the social inequality of the time.

“We have the power to protect this house and its history from being torn down, which would ruin it,” she said.

“But it was the first house in the world built on a slave site and in a war zone.”

The building is now part of the National Library of Barcelona, and a museum dedicated to the building is being built on its site.

But Maria Fernandra Teodoros says she is angry that the project was not built by a local community.

“The idea that the Spanish architecture community did not make this house is ridiculous,” she told Al Jazeera.

She says the project’s history has been erased from the city. “

I’m angry, but I don’t think that this is the work that the community did.”

She says the project’s history has been erased from the city.

“If they want to make this place safe for future use, they can’t destroy it,” Teodorcas said.

The building was built in 1873, but it has been in the National Archives since the 1980s.

In 2010, the city passed a law that prohibits the construction of homes on private land and prevents construction sites from being used for the public use.

“There’s a real concern about the future of this house,” Maria Fernández said.

Teopória Péreto is also angry at the state of the city’s architecture.

“For the past few years, the state has been demolishing a lot of old buildings.

“And now, the Spanish state is taking over the project. “

It’s been built on an ancient site that is completely unrecognisable,” she added.

“And now, the Spanish state is taking over the project.

We have a history here that was built by the people, and the people have lost their history.”

The National Library and the National Museum of the City of Barcelona were also vandalised.

In 2013, the National Heritage and Culture Council said that “in its previous incarnation, the site served as a military fort”.

“This site is still a military site, and we are in danger of losing that history,” it said.

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