The best green buildings for architects

A new design concept developed by architecture consultancy firm Tudor Architecture is taking the design trend of building green to a whole new level.

“Green architecture is a form of architecture that encourages sustainable practices by design that are connected to local communities,” the firm explains in a blog post on its website.

According to Tudar, it’s this idea of a “green” building that allows architects to focus on the aesthetic aspect of a building instead of the functional and environmental ones.

“Our architecture firm is interested in making green buildings as accessible and appealing as possible.

We think that green architecture is an appropriate place to explore this topic and see how it relates to the wider architectural landscape.”

Tudor Architects says that its architecture is “dedicated to the idea of creating a more sustainable world”.

“We see architecture as a way to design and create a building that will reflect the environmental quality of a given space,” it continues.

It’s the latter that seems to have a lot of appeal to many architects, with the firm describing its design philosophy as “creative ecology” and “tribal ecology”.

The firm explains that the focus is on a “more sustainable design philosophy that reflects the community, rather than the architect or designer”.

While it’s an ambitious project that would probably require a whole different architecture school, it certainly seems to be a viable one.

“It’s a concept that we’re not afraid to try, and we feel it’s important to take a bold and forward-looking approach to design,” the company says.

“It’s not just about the architecture, it is about the way we see the world and how we design.”

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