The Architect of the Homeless in the Post-Apocalyptic Era

Posted October 27, 2018 10:16:58The Architect of The Homeless in The Post-apocalyptic Era is the title of a novel by Stephen King, which focuses on the author’s relationship with his homeless roommate.

The novel takes place in the city of Los Angeles and centers on the story of a homeless man named Robert Devereaux, who is sent to Los Angeles by his estranged wife, Rosemary.

While there, Robert meets a woman named Patricia and they fall in love.

While living in the homeless shelter, Robert has an encounter with the Architect of his life, which leads to a series of events that ultimately lead to his incarceration and eventual death. 

A few days after being incarcerated, Robert receives a letter from his friend, a homeless woman named Lola.

She tells him that her name is “Lola”, which is the name of her mother, who she has been staying with.

Lola is not the first person to ask him this, but she does ask him what he wants to do with his life.

The Architect tells him he wants a job in the construction industry, and that he needs to leave.

The next day, Robert decides to go to the construction site, but he ends up running into a group of homeless people who are using the building to set up makeshift shelters.

Lolas attempt to save Robert and rescue him from the construction workers, but they get injured when they get hit by a car. 

The Architect then tells Robert that he will be the architect of the homeless, and he must help the homeless people build shelters for the city, and make sure the homeless have proper food and clothing.

The construction workers are reluctant to accept the Architect, but Lola convinces them to help him out.

They take him to a construction site and begin construction on the shelters, while the Architect helps with the shelters and helps them make money by selling materials. 

After spending some time working in the shelters during the construction, Lola tells the Architect that he is going to build a shelter for her and the other homeless people.

Robert then decides to help Lola out with the shelter, but the Architect is not happy with Robert and takes out a gun on him, which makes the Architect sad and afraid.

Robert tells the others to go get food, and the Architect then asks for Lola to stay at his house for the night, where he will stay safe.

The other homeless residents stay at the shelter and begin building a campfire, and Lola and the others begin to eat. 

Eventually, Lolas brother gets injured while trying to help Robert.

Lora and the homeless residents get in Roberts car and drive off.

The architect then tells Lola that he has been waiting for her for a long time, and she is the only person who will take care of Robert.

He goes to his house and gives her a big hug, and then goes inside, where the Architect watches over the campfire and the building. 

Later, Lora meets Robert, and they begin to speak.

Lula asks if he will go with her to her aunt, and Robert tells her that he won’t go, and his only hope is Lola, because she is his only friend.

After some time, Robert and Lolas sister get back to the camp, and while Lola talks to the Architect about his life with the homeless women, he starts to get upset.

Robert tries to get a job, but ends up getting fired from his job at the construction company, so he begins living in an alley to pay his debts.

Later, Robert is asked by the Architect to help build a new shelter for the homeless.

He agrees, and after building a new home for the shelter he goes to the roof of the shelter to find the Architect.

Loko and the residents are sleeping in a tent at the end of the roof, and soon, Loko asks the Architect what he is doing, and before Robert can answer, Lolly enters and tries to stop Lola from sleeping on the roof.

The two begin arguing and the roof falls down.

Lolly goes to grab the Architect’s gun, but Robert stops her and tells her to leave the tent.

Lolo and the resident go to confront the Architect on his actions, but then Lola runs in to tell Robert.

After a brief confrontation, the Architect kills the Architect with his own gun.

The building is destroyed and the Mayor and Mayor’s wife are killed. 

Lola and Lolo’s family are not the only people who mourn the Architect and the death of the architect.

A group of people in the building, including the Mayor, start a memorial for the Architect in the form of a statue, which is dedicated to the homeless man.

The statue was designed by Robert Deereaux, the architect and architect of Los Angeles and he was killed by the homeless on September 11, 2001, at the World Trade Center site.

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