Revit Architecture is now available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.

The new Android version of Revit Architects, the digital architecture magazine that’s been a fixture on Recode’s Tech Hub since 2014, has just been released on iOS.

Revit architects, the company that designed the iOS version of their site, announced the new iOS app at the Reimag conference in London.

The iOS version features new design tools, a redesigned layout, and a new layout view.

In addition to iOS, the new app will be available on Windows and Linux, as well.

Revit Architecture was founded in 2012 and focuses on the design and installation of public and private buildings and structures.

As a publisher of Architectural Design, it provides content for architects, architects students, and architects professionals to explore and share with the public.

This includes the publication of Architecture Magazine and Architectural Digest, as the latter provides architecture coverage in print and online.

The new iOS version is also available on the Android app store, and there’s no word on when the app will arrive on other platforms.

Revi’s previous Android app, Revit Architect, launched in 2013, and the iOS app was announced last year.

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