How to build a new green architecture

The Green Architecture movement has had its share of notable buildings in recent years, such as the London Eye, the iconic Shard skyscraper, and the High Line.

And yet, the project of rebuilding a new Green architecture in the city centre, dubbed Green Cross, is set to become the most ambitious and ambitious building of its kind in the world.

Designed by renowned architect Jens Radeberger, the ambitious Green Cross is to be a mixed-use tower and office tower built on a site on the site of a former military base. 

The Green Cross will be the largest residential building of this kind in Europe and the tallest residential building in the European Union. 

“We will create a new architecture that embodies the spirit of our Green Cross project, and will also be an important landmark in the new city, with a new, modern identity,” said Jens.

“We are inspired by the architectural design of the building itself, and have always wanted to build an architectural masterpiece that reflects the history of our country and will continue to be the inspiration for future Green Cross projects in the future.” 

Green Cross will have over 700 residential units, including an outdoor courtyard for public gatherings.

The courtyard will also serve as a meeting space, with open-air spaces, open kitchens, a rooftop garden, and a large outdoor theatre.

The tower will also include two large towers, one for the offices, and one for retail space. 

There will also have two restaurants and a cinema, with space for up to 300 guests to watch films. 

At the centre of the project will be a giant glass domed building, with the facade of the tower and the tower’s exterior visible. 

As the project is being undertaken by the city of Amsterdam, Jens is currently working with the city council to design a new building for the city, which he says will be completed in the summer of 2021. 

With the design for Green Cross expected to be complete in the 2020s, there is much to look forward to. 

 “The building will be unique in the EU.

It will be one of the tallest buildings in Europe, and with the exception of the Green Cross tower, all of the other Green Cross towers in Europe have been demolished, so this will be something different,” said Radeberg. 

While there are a number of other Green architecture projects currently underway around the world, such to the London Green Cross (the tower on the London skyline is also due to be demolished), the project seems to be something unique. 

This is the second time that Jens has designed a new high-rise building in Amsterdam. 

In 2007, he designed the Millennium Tower, a new skyscraper on the city’s former King Street. 

A number of buildings in Amsterdam were also designed by Jens, such the former Rijksmuseum (a museum for contemporary art) and the Dutch National Museum. 

However, the Green Architecture project is set for a major leap forward, with its design taking its first steps to becoming a truly international project. 

[This article is based on the original article published in RTE. 

All the photos in this article were taken by Jonty Van Der Zande and are used with permission.]

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