How to build a hexagonal roof

Architectural columns, hexagonal architecture and a nod to the sea can all be found on the roof of the former Naval Base at Fort Belvoir in Virginia.

The historic base was demolished in the 1990s, leaving behind the base’s former base level, its barracks and its airfield, according to the Washington Post.

But it’s the hexagonal shape of the base that makes it a fitting home for this project.

The base was built as an airfield and naval barracks in the early 19th century, but in 1894, it was converted into a Naval Base, according the Post.

The new base’s original roof, which has been made from the base metal, was made of a variety of materials, including wood, granite and marble.

To add the hexagons to the base, the Washington City Paper built a small replica of the airfield in 1892, using materials salvaged from the airbase.

The building was designed by architect Henry H. Lutzen and the hexagon pattern, along with its unique roof, are a symbol of the naval base’s history.

The Washington City Press ran a series of articles highlighting how this hexagonal design has been used by many architects and building designers, including architect James C. Cottle, who created the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., in 1876.

This design is now on display at the National Archives in Washington.

The hexagonal hexagonal pattern was inspired by the design of the American flag in the form of a vertical hexagon.

The U.S. government also used the hexagrams as an emblem in the shape of stars in the 1960s.

The pattern is found throughout the world, and its use is found in architecture around the world.

Hexagonal columns and the triangular hexagonal style have been used to build buildings in many parts of the world over the centuries.

Some have been designed to represent a nation, while others are used as memorials.

According to the Smithsonian, there are roughly one million hexagonal columns in the world; a similar number of triangular hexagons and a larger number of hexagons are in use in countries around the globe.

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