How Moroccans salvaged their art: Postmodern architecture

Moroccas architect Salvatore Di Giacomo is a great example of a successful Moroccan artist who has made a career out of restoring antique buildings.

But this is not his only project.

He has also built his own studio, and he is now in the process of building a second studio.

The first was completed in 2012, and the second in 2018.

It will be a place for Di Giaccomo to express his creativity, as well as a space for the architect and his family to hang out.

It is also the first studio built by the Moroccan architect in Morocco.

In the past, Di Giarcomo has worked on the restoration of traditional buildings.

In 2013, he was the recipient of the Order of the French Grand Architect, the highest honor for an architect in the French capital.

He then worked on an additional building project in Morocco, but this time the project was more ambitious and involved the construction of a new library.

“I have a huge desire to build an amazing new library in Morocco,” Di Giaceo said in an interview with Al-Jazeera English.

“We have a very important need to preserve this culture.”

The library will be located in the city of Bure, and will be the first in the country.

The building itself is a two-story building with a ceiling of 1,500 meters, the tallest in Morocco and the highest in Europe.

The ceiling will feature a dome that will allow light to enter and enter into the building, as will a system of glass columns, a canopy, and a canopy roof.

It also has a roof garden, a terrace, a library, a theater, and another roof garden.

The roof garden will be used for workshops, and also the library itself will be accessible by the terrace.

“There will be some areas in the building where we will have a library for artists,” Di Carlo said.

“It is the first building of its kind in Morocco where there is a library.

It’s the first time in the history of Morocco that you will have that type of building.”

This will be his second building in the Moroccan capital.

In 2014, Di Carlo built a second library in Bure.

The project was called the Library of the Future.

The new building will be similar to the first, but will have an additional library on the roof.

This new building has a similar look to the previous one, and it is a very big building with 4,500 square meters.

The Library of Tomorrow is planned to open in 2018, and Di Giaco said he plans to open the second building soon after.

The Moroccan artist said that his inspiration for the project came from the architecture of the Middle Ages, which was inspired by the architectural style of the Spanish royal families.

“In those days, people lived in buildings of this type, with a lot of windows,” Di Giaacomo said.

The architects believe that the new building is a reflection of the changes that have happened in Morocco over the last several years.

“The city has changed, the landscape has changed and the people have moved to cities,” he said.

This is what Di Giacio has been working on for the past 10 years.

The artist said the building will also have a small garden, which he plans on using as a gathering place for his friends and family.

“My family and I will be living there, in a small space, in the library,” Di Giovanni said.

In 2018, the artist said he started working on his second project in Boussain, a small village in Morocco’s northwestern region of Arsal.

This project was also a collaboration with a young Moroccan architect, who has also worked on buildings for Di Giacomo.

The young architect said he had to design a building that could be easily accessible to people of all ages, since Arsal is a rural area.

“Our project is a kind of a reflection for the city,” Di Antonio said.

He added that the project is the only one of its type that he has ever completed.

He hopes that the artist will be able to complete his project.

“If he wants to be the king, I will build the whole building,” Di Gal told Al- Jazeera English.

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