How a Football Italian magazine has changed the way you think about architecture

It’s not that the magazine is trying to be a guide to architecture.

It’s more that it’s the way it is.

For instance, there is no guide to football as a sport, but this is precisely what Italia has done.

“Football is a very competitive sport and that means that all teams are different,” says Giancarlo Giampaolo, the magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief.

“We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to show their unique side, which is why there is a focus on the details of every single club.

It is about how we want our readers to understand the history and culture of the sport.”

Giampaolas first article for the magazine came in 2001.

The magazine was launched on the side of a building at the end of a road, a small building where the local residents had come to learn the game.

The building had been vacant for years, but Giampaola had a dream: to turn it into a home for a football club.

And so, in 2003, he and his wife Renata embarked on a grand project to create a home with all the modern conveniences you would expect from a contemporary Italian home.

And it all started with the idea of the club’s name.

“Our project was conceived in a very creative way,” he explains.

“A group of friends from the city of Milan, who had worked in architecture, came up with the plan.

We wanted to create an open, comfortable, modern, modernist club that would stand in the heart of Milan.”

“A home in the middle of a city is a fantastic opportunity,” Giampaoli adds.

“For us, it’s a great idea.

It will provide a safe, comfortable place for the fans, who will have an opportunity to meet and greet the members of the team, the coaches and the other members of staff.”

A home for football?

The idea for the club was born.

The idea was to build a home in a city where there were few places for football fans to gather, and where there was no football club to be found.

“It’s an ambitious project,” says Giampaoleo.

“To build a club in the centre of Milan is a dream of our generation, which in itself is a great achievement.

It also is a testament to our love of football, which was a very important factor in our decision.”

The design of the house is in stark contrast to that of a modern house, which typically features a central courtyard and a grand staircase, both of which were designed by the famous Italian architect Antonio Vignoli.

Giampaolla says that this was a conscious decision, one that the project had not previously considered.

“The design of a new club was a major decision for us.

We had to rethink the way we look at our club, because, for the most part, the way people have lived their lives, the kind of houses that we are living in, is a reflection of their lifestyle.

So, we wanted to go beyond that.”

The new club is to be located at the corner of Via del Veneziano and Via Bagnardi, a busy road, with an open courtyard, which the family hopes will make it a great spot for fans to hang out.

“I think we’ve made a good design choice, which will give the fans an amazing experience,” says the magazine editor.

“What’s more, I hope that we will attract many new fans.”

The house is a perfect example of how a new house can be designed in a way that is not just a facade.

“My main goal is to create something unique and beautiful,” Giampoolla adds.

The new design will also bring the club a lot of attention, which it can’t afford, and will also help the new owner, Giancarla, pay his debts.

It has also been important for the family to create its own brand, which Giampola is grateful for.

“There are certain aspects of football that are very private, like the team name, the stadium name, everything,” he says.

“As a result, I wanted to make it as easy as possible to identify a club that has everything.”

The family is hoping to have the club up and running in time for the 2018-2019 season.

“This club has the potential to be something that people want to come and watch,” Giamps says.

The family has also started looking for an owner to take over the club.

“At the moment, we are considering three different owners,” says Roberto Mazziarelli, the new club’s managing director.

“In the end, we hope to decide on the right one.”

Italia, an Italian magazine, is the world’s largest publisher of architecture and design.

It covers a wide range of topics, from the history of architecture to contemporary architecture and interior design.

The first issue of italian was published in

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