Googie, a Font Designed for the 21st Century

Googie is a font designed for the next generation of users who will increasingly seek out digital signage, documents, photos and videos.

With Googie you will never have to rely on a smartphone or tablet for content again.

Googie’s simple yet elegant layout and sleek aesthetic makes it perfect for the user who loves simplicity.

Googlies elegant, modern look is perfect for any occasion.

Googles ease of use allows users to easily create beautiful and functional websites that have never been done before.

Googlies modern and elegant look is perfectly suited to the 21 st century user.

Google is designed for use on smartphones and tablets.

Users can easily create websites, and upload images, videos and other files.

Users can upload documents to Googlys beautiful design.

Goolgies user interface is simple yet intuitive, and it offers the user easy access to documents and files.

Googs content is stored in Googlie’s open source library, making Googlis content easily accessible for everyone.

Google is the perfect typography for a new user.

The Googlings simplicity and elegance makes Googolis content easy to find and edit.

The simple typography allows users and users to create websites in Googlies beautiful, clean, modern style.

The user interface allows the user to easily browse documents, upload photos, and videos to their Googlise.

Gooogle is the best typography out there, so use Googl, you wont regret it.

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