A look back at architecture career milestones and milestones of the last three years

The 2018 NFL season was not kind to the league’s architectural teams.

The Los Angeles Rams were eliminated from the playoffs after their second straight defeat and were forced to forfeit their first two games of the season.

The Cleveland Browns finished the year with the second-worst record in the league after their 4-12 season.

The NFL is not alone in the struggles of its architecture departments.

The American League is in the midst of a similar slump.

The Oakland Athletics have been eliminated from postseason contention in the past two years.

And the Cleveland Browns are now a wild card.

With the NFL, there is no denying that its architects were unable to compete with the world’s best teams in the same era.

But the NFL has not been a perfect league.

In fact, the NFL did play the last few years quite well, with the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens winning the league titles.

But the NFL is facing a big challenge with the 2018 season.

In the coming years, the league will have to adapt to the needs of its younger players, many of whom will have been exposed to the technology of the digital age.

“We’re not a digital team,” said former NFL head of digital strategy and business development, Tom Verrett.

“We’re a digital football team.

Our focus is going to be on making sure we can be ready for the demands of our young players, as well as how to protect them from cyberattacks.”

The challenges facing the NFL will increase as the digital era comes to an end, as the league begins to adapt and adapt to new technology.

As we saw with the NFLPA’s effort to help the league reach its digital goals, a change in technology can create a new level of challenge.

The next phase of the league is preparing for the challenge.

With the 2018 NFL Draft on March 10, the new league will be a part of the 2020 NFL season, with teams able to draft from around the country.

The NFLPA is helping the league to prepare for the draft by working with players and agents, and Verrett said the league was working to ensure players had an adequate education to prepare them for the new challenges of the NFL.

Verrett said that the NFL’s teams had developed their own training plans to prepare their players for the digital world.

For instance, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been working to develop a virtual reality training plan, Verrett explained.

“In the virtual world, the players are playing in virtual reality, and they’re being able to play with the team around the clock,” Verrett added.

The league also will be working to build a training facility to help players get the most out of their virtual experience.

The league is also planning to launch an NFL App that allows players to log into their social media accounts to connect with other players in the game.

Vertt also pointed out that the league plans to build an infrastructure to provide players with information about the team’s game day experience.

“The NFL has always been a digital club, but the digital club has changed, and it’s changed quite a bit,” Vertt said.

“Now we’re really looking at how we can really support the teams in our sport to help them prepare their teams, and we’ll be looking at a lot of different things, including building new facilities and building new services.

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