A few architectural gems from Gilded Age Britain

The Victorian era was a period of great growth in the United Kingdom.

By the end of the 19th century, there were more than half a million inhabitants living in London.

They all worked in factories and shops, and the city boasted some of the most ornate and sophisticated architecture in the world.

But the Victorian era also witnessed some of Britain’s most extraordinary architectural feats, as well as some incredible atrocities.

One such tragedy was the “Gilded Age” (named after the period in which it was built) which saw London become the most famous city in the western world.

Its buildings were the biggest and the most spectacular in the British Isles, with the most elaborate gardens in the UK, and an even greater number of statues, statues, and monuments to famous figures such as Winston Churchill.

But despite the sheer scale of the Victorian building boom, there are many buildings that still stand today that were built during the Victorian period.

Here are five of the biggest Victorian buildings in the country that were designed during this time.


Gildan House Built in 1892, this Victorian mansion in London is now a landmark in its own right.

Built with a total cost of £10 million, it was the largest house in England and the only one to be constructed in the Victorian style.

It was named after the famous Victorian architect William Gildans, who was the most prolific architect of the time.

It stands on the grounds of the Gildon Estate, which was part of Gildin House.

The mansion has a huge amount of historic detail, and is now the most photographed mansion in Britain.


The Great Hall Built in 1863, it is still one of the oldest buildings in London and was built by one of London’s most prominent architects, James Puddefoot.

The building was designed by Robert Gough, who would go on to design the Royal Albert Hall in the US.

It is a very important structure in British history, as it was originally intended as a theatre that would be used to house the Queen’s Theatre.


Victoria Station Built in 1799, this station was designed and built by William Parnell.

He was one of two architects of the British empire, and was responsible for building the Great Hall at Greenwich.

It took three years to complete, and its interior was the scene of the first known attack on Parliament Square.

Parnett was also responsible for the Great North Stand at Buckingham Palace, and later in London’s Victoria Station, which is still standing today.


The Queen’s Palace Built in 1675, it has since been restored, but it was designed in the reign of Queen Victoria and was one the most popular buildings in Britain during this period.

It contains the most luxurious apartments and rooms in the city, as there were many of them in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It also includes the Queen Anne Chapel and the Queen Mary Chapel, which are the most important historic buildings in modern times.


St James’s Palace This Victorian structure was built in 1824 and was the home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

It has since undergone numerous renovations, and remains one of Britains most important historical landmarks.

It houses the royal family and is still considered to be one of its most important landmarks.

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